Web Performance Workshop

by Diego Cardozo @ JSConfUY 2016

View the Project on GitHub diegocard/web-performance-workshop

Getting started

Launch the local server by running gulp and open http://localhost:8080

> npm install
> gulp

[21:41:55] Using gulpfile ~\Documents\GitHub\web-performance-workshop\gulpfile.js
[21:41:55] Starting 'connect'...
[21:41:55] Finished 'connect' after 16 ms
[21:41:55] Starting 'default'...
[21:41:55] Finished 'default' after 7.11 μs
[21:41:55] Server started http://localhost:8080


Minimize the amount of bytes being sent to the client

Reduce critical resources

Shorten the Critical Rendering Path length